Ahh yes, smiling! What a blessing 🙂

Smiling allows you to stay in the now. Its frequency is such that it forces you to be aware the very moment you are in because you are smiling right now. It changes your mood, your thoughts, it uplifts you, it’s contagious. Plus you look sooooooo beautiful when you smile 🙂 But you knew that 😉

Its energy is so that it over comes all lower vibrational energy. Which meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans, ANYTHING HOLDING YOU BACK FROM SMILING WILL SURFACE.

And you’re going to have to go through it.

Go on. Try it. Try smiling and if you can’t right now, force yourself and see what happens. You deserve to be happy 🙂

I do this all the time when i feel like i’m ignoring my feelings or emotions. I force myself to smile, to be happy because i know that is what i deserve and that is the state i want to be in, constantly. And so whatever is stopping me from smiling will surface and i will have to face it.

It works well in healing sessions, especially emotional healing sessions where you’re trying to face a lower vibration with a high vibration. Shining light where there is darkness.

I’m smiling right now writing this to get the words out lol!

Smiling looses up the body aswell, it allows the body to relax and ease up. A smiles energy can be transfered to any part of the human body by just smiling at it.


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