The Experience

How do you create your day from a place of Love?

How do you create any experience YOU want to live!?

How to be in a state of Joy going out into the world?

You simply WILL it.

Below is a video of me playing Frisbee with “strangers” in the park. One day i decided that’s what i wanted to create, to grab my frisbee, go to the park and make new friends. That’s how i want my life to be, that’s how i wanted to experience the day. To be spontaneous, exciting and fun. All i did was WILL it, create it in my mind and act it out. I visualized me playing with people in the park, how i would FEEL playing frisbee with people in the park and then ACTING it out.

Read below Lovers and see if it resonates with you. 🙂

This reality is a playground. Remember how to manifest each day exactly how you want it to play out, to the tee.

You can live everyday exactly how you want to with THESE SIMPLE STEPS!!:

1. Visualize.

2. Feel.

3. BE.

Meaning we will meet up in the beginning of the day. Visualize what we want to happen in the day. Everything from how we walk or dance on the street, to the people we meet, whether we want to sing songs on the street or tube, declare our Love to people, to the amount of smiles we receive, the people we attract, to the vibration we hold and give out. Everything.

Every waking moment is a moment to create! Every second. Every breath. We are constantly creating, even on the subconscious level. But what if you stepped into the conscious level and created what you wanted right in front of you. Being spontaneous, allowing your intuition to give you a suggestion on what to create. To follow your bodily impulses in the moment, an impulse to say hi to someone or talk to someone on the tube. An impulse to break out into song and dance where ever!!! Yes!! You know this feeling! I know you do!! Follow it!!!

Remember how to quite the mind, in the moment and follow this impulse, together, we will create, together I will help you remember how to do this.

Many times we talk ourselves out of creating in the moment and following our intuition/visions and bodily impulses to be FREE!! Well not anymore Lovers. You get these feelings and messages because you are being told to create, by your higher self!! You have this awareness and power to spread Love and Joy and to truly live a reality of Heaven on Earth!! So lets do it!!!! Let’s use this life as the playground it truly is. Not to spread Love for Love is everywhere. But To create OUT OF LOVE, for creating out of Love IS spreading Love. And in doing so, we will shine our lights so brightly that others can’t help but FEEL us, seeds would be planted, minds and thoughts would be provoked, hearts would skip beats…….by JUST BEING US.

So come with me on this beautiful journey of manifesting in this playground of life! Let me show you, or rather help you remember how to anchor down the frequency of Heaven on Earth. By simply willing it 🙂


We will first meet up in a park, for it is important we ground ourselves properly. You will be receiving a lot of Love and Light (information) from the universe as you start doing things the mind doesn’t want you to do. You will receive a lot of serotonin, dopamine and all the feel good chemicals as you begin to do things you would not normally do. Your higher self will begin to come through and it’s very important to be grounded for your higher self to come through in full force. If you’ve never felt it come through, you will this time.

Imagine, prancing through the city streets instead of walking, dancing down the street because why not?! Imagine the feeling! Imagine the freedom! Not caring what people think! Imagine the truth in that, the freedom! All real! You will get a rush of energy, and so it is important that you are grounded so the energy is allowed to go where it is needed. Hugging a tree in public works too 😉 Yes you can do it without caring what people think, easy peezi!

Love is the key to all of it. Love yourself freely to create out of Love. We will sit and meditate at the park visualizing what we want to do throughout the day. Everything from people smiling at US on the street, attracting people who are open minded and open hearted. Many a times we stop doing what we want to do because we are scared of what people might think or that their negative energy is stopping you or whatever BS your mind has conjured up and made real. Well!! You can tell your mind that today you will only be surrounded by positive people, people who are kind and loving. With this mind set and perception, going out into the day and doing and being who you want to be will become effortless, easing your mind, telling your mind what is real for YOU, easing it into just being.

A heart meditation will open the heart and just allow what thoughts and visions come through. See which ones we like, create those in our mind, FEEL how we would FEEL doing those actions and let it go……

After our meditation, we go out into the day. Create our experiences that we want and also allowing them to come to us. Being in the flow of creation and allowing things to just BE 🙂

And the BEST part of ALL of this is????? Is that we are TOGETHER doing this!

You see…if you have never done something like this before, the mind will tell you its scary, it’s not normal, that people will think YOUR not normal. But that’s normal for the mind to tell you that because it doesn’t know any other way…….yet.

And so when we are out, and you want to say “Hi” to someone, start a conversation with a “stranger”, dance in the middle of the street or on the tube, or just be a child and your mind talks you out of it and scares you… will have a human support system! Us! The people you are with creating!

A simple hug, a touch to let you know you are OK, you are safe, that Love surrounds you at all times and nothing can hurt you will ease your mind and will give you the will power to act, to create.

See the beauty in it?

To co-create is to Love.

We will be working with The Mind, Body and Spirit.

Each will play a vital role in manifesting, acting and experiencing our creations.

A lot of what will be going on for most of us will be mind re-programming all through creating what we wish to create.