Re-Programming The Mind With Love

When you see the pictures above what do you see?

I see a space to create out of Love, a space to spread Love, a space to connect, a space to be YOU.

The only thing that MAY be stopping those things is….YOU hahaha. Its funny isn’t it. Your mind will automatically, by default, go into a state in which you have your walls up, where you distract yourself from you surroundings because…? there are people around you…? no one else is talking…? no one else is joyous around you…?

What would you create with complete awareness in these moments? What would SOURCE do? feel? be? act? create? What would YOU do? How would you do it? What would you say? How would you carry yourself?

It begins in the mind. The mind is THE tool for creation. The heart speaks and the mind creates what the heart whispers, but this is up to you. You have to control the mind with WILL and create.

These 1-on-1 sessions will take you outside of your comfort zone, physically, mentally and energetically. To feel the false illusion of Fear only to be overidden with Love. To show your mind that Fear isn’t real, that Love is the truth. To show you that you can hold your own space and frequency ALL THE TIME.

You may THINK that other peoples energy effect you; but YOU get to decide that.

Using practical exercises and meditation techniques we will break the illusion and remove old ways of being that no longer serve us, right there in the moment when the mind says “No!” and the heart says “YES!”.

This workshop is for people who have visions of the New Earth, intuitive prompts to be their true-selves, to connect with people, to not care about what other people think about them. For people who have the internal battles within them between the heart and mind who need guidance and support to follow their heart through.

What to expect:

There may be something that you may want to overcome, for example, saying hello or starting conversations with people any where, anytime. (Because your heart knows your’e connected to all people:)) Or dancing on the train platform or anywhere for that matter. Skipping instead of walking. Hugging a tree in public, declaring your Love for people. Saying “I Love you” from your heart to people. Sprinkling energy balls of Love, Joy and Happiness on the tube for fun LOL hahhaaha, i’m doing that one! Anything you find that you heart yearns for that your mind tries to regulate, we will work on that!

It’s going to be fun! Work, but fun.


We will meet up in Holland Park, ground and meditate on what we would like to manifest. Then go out to specific place that you wish to be in that your mind likes to feel comfortable in and Love ourselves so much that our true selves just can’t help to come out. 🙂


Starting November 20th 2017 you can book appointments for 5 hour sessions from 12pm-5pm. 5 hour seems a long time but when you are dealing with matters of the heart and mind, time seems to stand still. It quite beautiful.


Me! Me! Me! My name is Mohabbat Khan and i Love to Love. LOL. I Love to create using my mind and if there is anything im afraid of doing, i do the complete oppsite of that with as much Love as possible. Love always wins. 🙂

Feel free to book your sessions by emailing

Or call: 07939661815