Hands of Love

Hands of Love in a Reiki energy healing practice set up by me.

I am Reiki 1 & 2 certified.

I Love what i do. I Love healing people and making them feel good, connecting with them through energy and letting that energy heal and do it’s thing.

I feel that is what human connectivity is all about. Being. Allow the energy to be and letting that energy flow.

My sessions are intuitively guided. The healing energy of the Divine Presence of Eternal Love flows through me and goes where it is needed to you. If you are open to it my hands will also heal with the power of touch and massage.

Love is the truth, the answer.

Know that that is what you are, Love, the truth. 🙂

Sessions run from 30 min – 45 mins depended on you and what your being is open to receive. I am in great joy just writing this because i know the healing and energy that is about to be exchanged. It will be beautiful 🙂

To book a session please call me directly on: 07939661815 or e-mail me on: kmohabbat@hotmail.com

Please don’t be shy if you have any questions or concerns, i am here to serve, to share, to BE for you.

Sessions are based on donations, pay what you feel my Loves.