Love Creates

The time has come my Lovers! To create every waking moment from a place of LOVE!

To be aware of the present with an open heart and allowing our intuition to come to the forefront and following it through.

I'm talking about experiencing this reality as the playground it really is. Seeing every moment as a moment to create and fully experience. A reality in which you are CONSTANTLY happy and in Love, because you are DOING what you Love right now!

I'm talking about, saying "Hi!" to people on the street, prancing down the street instead of walking, dancing on the train platform because you FEEL like it, declaring your Love for people because that's your truth! Yes! I know you have these thoughts too! These thoughts of an Earth in which Joy and Happiness run rampant! An Earth in which everyone is having a good time and not just on the weekends or when we have time for ourselves but ALL THE TIME!

Join me! Let us co-create together! A world in which we Love, Dance, Touch, Nurture and spread Joy constantly. Let us go out into the world and do acts of Love, uplift, and smile by just being US!

Let us use the mind as the powerful beautiful tool it is to ANCHOR DOWN THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN ON EARTH! Let me show you how!

How to create out of Love?

Unifying Mind, Body and Spirit to be in complete harmony. For when all are aligned we become the creators that we are.
The tool for creating. Use your mind to create what you want. Visualize. This is the minds job.

It starts in the mind first. Visualize what you want. Visualize everything, to the tee. Don't leave a detail out! Because you will get JUST THAT.

It will be in the moment, out in the world, where we will also REMEMBER how to use the mind.

With various exercises and practices we will be able to visualize and manifest an experience right in front of us. Using the third eye to see pass the illusions that may be stopping us from experiencing what we want to experience and step into the reality in which we have just created. Sounds exciting doesn't it! ;)

The vehicle in which we experience our reality. Honoring our impulses and feelings. Experiencing our creations. To feel, this is the bodys job.

After using our minds to create what we want, it is now time to step into that realities with our beloved vehicles, our bodies.

You will feel the impulse to move into the direction of the reality in which you wish to experience. Your body will begin to move if you want to dance, go up to somebody to say "Hi", spread your arms out and say "Hello!" to everyone on the train or at a bus stop. Your body is following your mind.

ALLOW your body to just BE. Observe, see where it wants to go, what it wants to do. You may find in the beginning that you won't let it. That you may be "afraid" of the outcome. Rest-assured this is normal, the MIND is holding on to being comfortable.

Again WE will, help each other in this, fuel each other and nurture each other to ease the mind. Along with exercises to quite the mind and let the body do what it wants we will be there for each other. To hug and touch and let each other know that we are safe, that Love surrounds us and that it's OK, no matter what happens.

The one we relinquish all control to, the spirit. Our spirit, us, our true-self, the higher-self, the one doing the experiencing. Its job is to just BE.

Once we have created with our minds, and moved to create that experience with our bodies, that's when the Spirit comes through.

This is when we observe and experience the experience we are creating. Which means, giving up control TRYING to create the experience. ALLOWING the experience and you to just BE. Letting go of the thought you had to create and letting Spirit guide you into the experience.

You will find that the bodily impulses you will get to sprint into action to create the experience is your Spirit urging you on, pushing you to act. And when you do, and you will, you will feel sooooooooooooo goooooooood! Like you just took a pill of esctacy.

All those feel good chemicals, dopamine, serotonin and whatever else will be release and your entire being will change. Your mind will quite because you just used it to control your reality, your body will feel vigorous and alive because you just beat "fear", and your Spirit will come to the forefront in full force knowing that what you just did, whatever it was, is what your TRUE-SELF IS! WHAT YOUR TRUE-SELF WANTS TO DO.

You will just FEEL your Spirit, feeling complete Unity with your Mind, Body and Spirit.

About Me

My name is Mohabbat Khan. I am Love. I am here on this Earth to experience Love in all it's forms, in all its glory. :) I Love living life from a place of Love, i Love creating in the moment, being in a state of joy and happiness is my favorite thing, i deserve it. And so do YOU. I am an uplifter, a lover and dancer. I'll dance for hours, ground myself, eat, then dance again. I Love it. It invokes my spirit and allows itself to be expressed through the beautiful physical body. I want to teach people, rather, allow them to remember how to create, using there minds, through their hearts and experience their creations in their bodies. We are creators! Lets create!

Lover & Creator

Let us co-create together, a Heaven on Earth. An Earth in which we create every waking moment from the heart. An Earth in which people are connected to themselves. An Earth in which people connect and just have a damn good time all the time!

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